Trina (world_of_kat) wrote,


sooooo life sucks
moved away from home. then home. then away. now home again.
need to find a place to live
need a new car
need better friends, or friends at all.
boys suck.
i just want to find a decent guy. hmmm yeah dont think thats going to happen any time soon
a nice laid back surfer boy would be nice.
butttt whatever.
i dont want to live at home anymore.
driving an hour to and from work is starting to suck already
but it will give me an excuse to go surf more.
i really need to surf more
i wish there was more than a half a foot of surf though
i need to surf now
a midnight surf session would be nice
so much stress relief.
im going to the beach in the morning before work.
i need it more than anything now
the beach is my only stress relief. other than beating something/someone up
why does my life always have to be so stressful.
cant i just have one laid back day, month, year?
anyways...early morning...long day ahead.
good night all
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