Trina (world_of_kat) wrote,


So I really hate everything right now.
I can't stand living here anymore. I have a couple of people I guess I could call my "friends."
But there is no one where I can be like hey let's go do something tonight. No one at all. No one here is like me at all. Absolutely no one. All everyone does around here is drink, party, and have sex. Sorry that I don't do any of the freaking above. Oh geez, sorry that I am not the normal/classic "college student". Too flippin' bad. Sorry that I have morals, standards, and a way of life that I have had forever. Sorry that I don't feel like getting drunk and then waking up the next day having slept with some random guy and not knowing what the crap happened the night before. Sorry I don't like walking up to random creepy old guys and being like hey lets be friends. Ew Gross. Sorry that I don't like getting drunk off my ass and making a complete fool out of myself. That's just not the way I go.
I wish I could surf more...even though I suck, that's my only love anymore.
Too bad I work all the flippin' time.
There's a guy...too bad nothing will EVER happen being he's the one every girl on campus is drooling over and I'm just like "hey ... how are you doing today?" I mean he could have any girl in the world, why the crap would he want me?
Everything sucks right now. I guess my life is going to continue to be devoted to school and work like it always has been and always will be. Whatever.
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