Trina (world_of_kat) wrote,

wow its finally here

sooooo today was my last day of high school. there are so many people that i am going to miss, but at the same time so many people that i will not miss. geez. anyways. tomorrow i may go to lunch with david or hang out and what not. hmm if he doesnt cancel on me again. geez. anyways. then i have to take my exit sheet to school. im going to the beach on wednesday. anyone wanna go? thursday is baccalaureatte. im excited. wanna hear ms mayers speech. then friday is the big day. senior breakfast then rehearsal. then mom and i are going to the beach and then to skuttlebutt's for lunch. so much fun. then finally to GRADUATION. pray it doesnt rain. stay safe everyone and if youre graduating, behave friday and what not. i love all of you.
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