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re-cap [21 Dec 2004|01:07pm]
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Friday...hung out around the house for a bit. Then went to the mall with the Wyatt. He bought some stuff. Then went to Krispy Kreme. Had an ice fight. Oh geez. Went back to my house and hung out.

Saturday...slept in. Then went to the mall with my mom to get a present for Wyatt. Oh my goodness. How hard was that. Anyways. Finally found something. Haha. Anyways. Then we went to bj's and albertsons. Then home. Wyatt came over and played pool. He is actually quite good. I seem to have lost my touch. Haha.

Sunday...couldn't sleep in. I woke up at 7:30 to go to church. Then came home. Changed my oil and air filter with Bill. Then went to Wal-Mart and Target with my mom. Nothing interesting in Target. In Wal-Mart, I bought two candles then went crazy with fabric. Haha. I bought 3 different prints to make purses. One is a light blue and pink paisley print for my friend. Another is a hawaiian flower print for me. The last one is another hawaiian flower print for my other friend. Lol. Then I bought two plain colors to make something for Wyatt. Haha. And stencils and paint. Hmm...I didn't know that you had to be 18 to buy paint pens too. Oh my goodness. Anyways. Then I got home and Wyatt came over for a bit.

Monday...woke up. Did some chores. Then went to see A Series of Unfortunate Events with Wyatt. That was a GREAT movie. Yay! Then we went to Ruby Tuesdays. Then back to my house. Haha. Then back to Krispy Kreme. One lady gave us 2 extra donuts. The other lady remembered us from the other night. She said "you two are the ones that had an ice fight the other night arent you?" We looked at each other and thought we were going to get in trouble. Instead she looked at him and said "you better not do that tonight, it is really cold." and just told him not to do that to me tonight. I was like hahaha yeah. Shes like "oh i got your back" i was like yes! Haha. Greatness. Then back here yet again. Watched Bruce Almighty. Haha.

Today...slept in for a little bit. Ate cereal and drank my coffee. Watched Garfield. Wyatt is coming over. Then we are going to St Auggie to see the lights around the city tonight. Yay! I'm so excited. I haven't seen them in years. He has never seen them. That will be fun! Now I'm watching Big Fish and I am going to get some more coffee. Haha. So I will talk to everyone later. ByeBye All...

The One And Only...Trina

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