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Hmmm... [13 Nov 2004|12:40pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

So here is another short update...

Thursday: Good day. Woke up at around 8 or so and made coconut pancakes and a smoothie. Talked to Wyatt. We went walking in St. Auggie for the day. That was fun! Then I took him home and I worked on my homework...Fun Day!

Friday: Good day again. School was alright. It definitely had its' ups. Hehehehehe. Huh Sonya? Lol. Anyways. After school I came home and cleaned some. Also worked on my homework. Then went to pick up Jenny and we went to the JV game. They got shut out with the mercy rule in the second half. So we started and we also got shut out with the mercy rule in the second half. I took Arlinda up to the school to meet up with her mom. Then got a call from Wyatt. Got home and talked to Wyatt. Had strawberry sorbet with dark chocolate syrup. Yummy! Then I layed down for like 2 seconds while he got a drink and I ended up falling asleep. Sorry. :( So that was that.

Saturday: So far today I have cleaned my room. The family is finishing up the garage and back yard. I took the garbage to the dump now that the mom lets me drive her truck. Haha. It's so weird compared to my car. Lol. I need to finish cleaning and work on my project some more. So I'm out. ByeBye All...

The One And Only...Trina

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