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The One And Only... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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little kids rock!!! [27 Oct 2004|05:27pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Hmmmm....I am soooo bored. Wow! Today was a boring day. But I had a lot going on. Lol.

School...Finished power point in speech and received some more assignments. I love that class! Finished writing my history page things and rewriting the ones that sucked. They can't write. Found out in lunch that Josh would have me beat up people for him. Oh geez. I guess I am a bully. ?? Lol. I got a 72 on part a of my math test and took part b today. Uh oh. Justin and Brandon tried flipping me out of my desk. Oh geez. Activity period today. Went to student council to see Mrs. Blackwell about our meeting next week. Then went to BETA. Talked to Ms. Radigan. She wants to be my bronco mommy again. Yay! Now I have a mommy and daddy! Woo hoo. This is going to be great!!!

After School...I had to help Ms. Moore and the rest of my NHS officers spray paint and decorate hats for the tapping tomorrow. Haha. They're kewlio. We made one's for us too and they are AWESOME! Ms. Moore's daughter wanted me to make her one so I made a really kewio one! Haha. Yay!

Practice...Jenny and I are so fed up with our team. They are not serious or dedicated. We have one of our most important game in a week and a half and they are not ready. They need to be serious in practice. I swear. I couldn't do much again so I was watching as he was watching JV. Wow! They were jumping on each other and goofing off. We don't need that now. Anyways. That's about it. Took Jenny home afterwards.

After Practice...Came home. I ate dinner and now I am sitting here. I am going to watch the Red Sox kick butt tonight. Yay! If they win tonight, then the World Series is over. Woo Hoo! I am also going to watch the lunar eclipse tonight. I have always been fascinated with astronomy. Woo hoo! One more thing. One of my friends started reminiscing today and was bringing up all of this stuff from forever ago. Wow! So here's how it goes...

I want everyone who reads this to think back when you were a little kid. What were your favorite songs, TV shows, games, anything? What was your favorite thing to do? This should be fun! I want to see what everyone comes up with. I miss being a little kid!

With that...I'm out...Like a Trout. Haha. ByeBye All...

The One And Only...Trina

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