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BUMMER.... [03 Oct 2004|11:55am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

sooo. i REALLY wanted to go surfing today. that didnt happen. i couldnt get a hold of caitilin and no one else is going. i am so flippin mad. so now my family is down at one of the springs having a good ol time. being that i had to teach, they leftg me. nice huh? anyways. so today has consisted of going to church and lookng like crap. teaching sunday school. now im sitting here trying to write my essays. the one for flagler and my comparison and contrast one. man this sucks. i will repaint my toenails later today just to give me something to do. i am so bored. i really wanted to go today too. bummer. i will go surfing on friday then...i hope. bright and early. then spend the entire flippin day out there. hopefully someone will be able to go with me this time and my ankle will feel better. man the waves are nice today and they will probably end up sucking on friday. whatever. just my luck. i guess im out. byebye... katrina


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