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The One And Only... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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man i love that boy! [09 Sep 2004|06:58pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

hello everyone. well today was alright. quite boring. i was so very tired all day long. crazy i tell ya. anyways. had talks with jason. haha. dude you still need to finish as well. crazy man. sick of listening to stupid peoples sex stories while im trying to eat lunch. come on now. ugh. geez. whatever. have my first college algebra test tomorrow. its a flippin two day one. geez. ugh. we voted on who would go onto homecoming court today. i really hope i atleast get to court. queen would be nice. haha. if stupid amanda green gets it for the flippin 3rd year in a year, omg, it would not be a pretty sight. let me tell ya what. ahhhh. she does not deserve it. someone told me that they voted for me because they wanted to see someone win that had brains. haha. yay! :) i think i have a chance being that the whole school is voting. so we find out who made court in 2nd period tomorrow. keep your fingers crossed everyone. haha. so yeah. then today after school. i stayed after til 4 to help mrs blackwell out with a lot of stuff for student council. she is so overloaded. but i guess thats what i get for being president. haha. whatever. i dont care. i dont mind helping her out. oh and dude they cut bronco bash down from 7-9 to 7-745. only 45 flippin minutes. it takes like 30 minutes to announce the flippin football team. i mean come on now. geez. but it should still be alright. anyways. haha. i hope. everyone should come out anyways. haha. but then i was supposed to start soccer conditioning tomorrow after school, but i called the pig again and he wants me to come in for an interview for the job. AREN'T YOU PROUND OF ME JENNI!!!! yay. i might finally have another job again. i need one. ugh. anyways. so how is everyone today? lol. im bored and really need to do some homework...i think. haha. gotta help decorate the hallway tomorrow. fun fun. let me tell ya what. so i guess im going now. SMILE!


theres something about david...katana

now i know who she is...haha. thanks jason...:)

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