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david is so flippin awesome!!! :) [29 Aug 2004|12:48pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

whelp sorry tony. this one is going to be long. probably. haha. whelp its been a while because on friday our internet and phone connections were gone. stupid transformers. geez. haha. but then i havent really been home lately either. so here goes the weekend...

friday...it was my birthday. it sucked quite a bit. hmmmm...people forgot it was my birthday. stupid people. see what happens when its your bday. jk. geez. anyways. so the day went on and it still sucked. i got my hug from tony. haha. thanks tony. then i didnt go surfing like i had planned. i didnt feel great. then i didnt have internet. i couldnt get a hold of anyone. i didnt have anyones phone numbers. geez it sucked so bad. but then i got a hold of jenni and we figured everything out. then i picked her up. then we went to pick up lindsay from work. went into blockbuster. geez why do people look at you, then whisper and then laugh when they know you are standing right there looking at you? weird. stupid stupid girls. geez. anyways. so we were on our way when lindsay was ready. going to meet the madre that didnt happen. so we found our way over to club 5. amazingly. haha. we didnt get lost. yaya! we got there a little before 10. red jumpsuit didnt start til like 1030 though. so we were good. not a lot of people there. like 95% of the people there either went to middleburg or graduated from middleburg. haha. crazy. but anyways. the show was AWESOME!  we had so much fun. then we left at like what 12 or so. i dunno. 1130 maybe. who cares. then i dropped off lindsay. then jenni. then took shaun (bros friend) to his house then back to mine. then i finally got home at like 130 am. went to sleep...

saturday....AWESOME DAY AND NIGHT!!!! woke up by bro and his friend at like 730. got ready. was planning on going surfing with sheila and her bro. but i never heard from her. so i had other people to go surfing with. we had fun. the waves were actually decent though. for once. then i went straight from there to the soccer field. the game sucked. horribly. but before the second half started, david (this guy on my soccer team that i liked) asked me if i wanted to hang out that night. so we had a plan. haha. not really a plan but we were going to hang out. haha. yay! the rest of the game was alrighty. then after the game we walked out and i talked to david for a bit. then i rushed home to take a shower and then go to church. david was planning on meeting me at church but he was late. haha. anyways. after church we met up. he was standing in the back for a bit. haha. then we just talked in the parking lot for a bit. then decided we were going to the mall. so we went to the mall. walked around. then when they kicked us out, we went to the movies. there was not much to see. so we saw colateral. everyone who hasnt seen it yet. dont. it sucked. horribly. anyways. the do too much flippin talking. goodness. anyways. then we got out of there about 12. went back to the church. got there and were there talking til like after 330 am. haha it was crazy. but i didnt want to leave. my mom was flippin out. but when i got hom at like 345. haha. she was alright. weird. whatever. i had sooo much fun with david. he is so flippin AWESOME. yay! i didnt want to leave him although i knew i would see him today at our soccer game. he said he was going to talk to my mom at our game and tell her it was his fault i was late. haha. yay! anyways...

sunday...so far. i woke up at like noon. haha. so very tired. i need to do homework and wash my car. haha. crazy. but instead im doing this. haha. whatever. but im thinking im going to do something now. i gotta leave here in less then an hour. haha. so i need to do something. then i got youth group tonight. maybe. i hope i see david sometime this week. i really do like him. a lot. but whatever. i gots to go. see everyone later.


the one and only

me :)

ps. has anyone seen mortal combat? if so, who is katana? haha. thats what david calls me. he says its from mortal combat. whatever. haha. he wants to call me that so sure. haha :)

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