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The One And Only... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[18 Aug 2004|03:32pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

whelp what can i say. this senior year is only like 7 days in and it is already crazy. ahhh. student council, nhs, best buddies, beta/interact, senior executive board (being president for 3 of them) soccer and tennis. then club soccer as well. i am seriously going to overload myself. guys are really bugging me. me and mat are over. i didnt know him for him anymore. it sucked. then i think i got rid of psycho creepy guy. haha. hopefully. after school i have been so bored. i need to find a new job. soon. ugh. people at school are so stupid. me and 2 other people came to the conclusion that we barely get a long with anyone at our school. they are all such fakes. why cant anyone be theirself. i swear. geez. it pisses me off so bad. all they do is see someone do one thing so they all copy that one person. my word. i really need a life. really bad. dude there is always that one someone that will never change. but i really do need to get over it. nothing is ever going to happen again. i guess i will probably just end up waiting until college like my mom said i should do. why cant i find a decent guy? man i thought i was close these last 2 times. but i dont know anymore. i really wish i could just figure things out. but i can't. this is my time to think. but i dont know what to think about anymore. maybe something will happen...like unexpectedly or something. haha. i wish. i really wish something would happen. but whatever. for everyone to know...so you will quit asking me...the only way i will be going to homecoming is if i am on the court. we should find out shortly. probably wont be going to prom either. i guess i will figure that out when i get there. whatever. now im going to do my homework and then go to soccer practice. gotta get my game schedule so then i can figure out when im going surfing this weekend. lol. im out for now.

maybe it will storm before practice therefore cancelling it. yaya! haha.


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[18 Aug 2004|04:09pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

hoy aburría muy. muchas cosas sucedieron. las cosas han estado sucediendo también muy rapidamente recientemente. tipos no son tan confundiendo. por qué puede ellos permanecen a sí mismo. gravemente. yo realmente no sé ya. pero cualquier. yo todavía tengo realmente los sentimientos para el zach. ellos nunca se irán. no asunto lo que sucede en el futuro. hago ni sé por qué. pero como dijo jenni, y como mi mamá dichaLa manera usted puede decir a gemelos son aparte si usted está en el amor con uno de ellos. encuentro que tan muy verdadero. y eso explica bastante un poco. quizá una cosas de día que todo trabajarán fuera la manera que ellos son supuestos a. es que nosotros "son supuestos " ser juntos. tan quizá, apenas quizá figuraré las cosas fuera un día en el futuro o cerca del futuro.


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