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[14 Aug 2004|03:45pm]
[ mood | blah ]

whelp the hurricane was a bunch of crap. i had to go to my moms work right after school. ugh. then i finally got to leave when my mom realized it wasnt going to hit us. ugh. but that wasnt until after midnight. ahhhh. then i had to wake up early this morning to take my bro to his ref class at the soccer field after not going to sleep until after 1 am. what a bunch of crap i tell ya. im so tired. i want to go surfing so bad. i wanted to go today. it was nice. maybe tomorrow. anyone wanna go with me???? probably not. anyways. i have been so totally bored all day. ive been cleaning the house and watching tv. ugh. i never watch tv. but i hate being bored because then i end up thinking too much. it sucks because i think of anything and everything. especially things i dont feel like thinking about. guys are so stupid i swear. ugh. everyone wants a boyfriend. i dunno why. i never see mine or even talk to him. if i do its for like 5 flippin' minutes. theres not even a point in it anymore. then i try and make an effort to talk to him or hang out or something. he doesnt. therefore it doesnt happen. i dunno what the crap happened all of a sudden. it all started when flippin' school started. stupid crap i tell ya. goodness. this is why i never have a boyfriend. too much crap to add to my already stressful life. anyways off of that topic. i am sick of having 2 meetings a day. they keep doing that to me. soccer and student council. tennis and senior executive board. student council and senior executive board. geez. when nhs and beta start it will be worse. and even worse once i get best buddies started up and when the sports start. craziness i tell ya. everyone is still telling me that i am going to overload myself. i know its going to happen but im trying not to think that. goodness people. anyways. people changed so very much over the summer. why do people have to go and do that? i really dont get the point. but if thats what you want to go and do, then do it. whatever. then people start having "interest" in me. people in which i would never ever see that coming. WEIRD! man i wanted this to be a GREAT year but i have a feeling its not going to be. all of my classes are still going good. doing lots of speaking. anyways. teachers are good. i need to finish my application and recommendations and all for Flagler. my birthday is in 13 days! thats always a good thing. maybe...gotta go to school that day but its on a friday so i might head out to go surfing after school being i will probably have nothing better to do. if nothing else i will spend the day alone basking in finally be 17. haha. :) see now this is why i hate being bored. maybe i will go to sleep for an hour before i have to get ready to go to church then. being that i havent done anything all flippin day. and i know i wont be doing anything to night either. goodness i swear this all sounds so flippin pitiful. but hey what can i say? obviously quite a lot. its sad that i am talking to myself. weird... i really need to go surfing, i dont have anymore cuts and bruises from it right now. but i should have some by next weekend being that i have my first soccer game next saturday. yay! its about time. but the fact that i am playing with 19 year old guys this year is kinda frightening. haha. i think the real frightening thing is going to be coach celis if i get hurt before school season starts. lol. he already told me i need to stop surfing until after school season. yeah right. like thats really going to happen. but hopefully i will be captain this year. that would be nice. not much else going on though and i really dont feel that great. maybe its all the chocolate i ate. i dunno. so im going now.
the one and only

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