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The One And Only... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[09 Aug 2004|02:46pm]
[ mood | weird ]

whelp first day of my senior year was today. what fun. it actually was pretty fun. although a scary thought in the back of my head. here goes

homeroom. the guy is weird!!!! and i have him second semester for economics...great...
1st. dual enrollment english. ms ellis doesnt seem all too bad yet. but only time will tell. should be an alright class. dont get along with some people. ugh
2nd. speech. YAY! that is the best class. fun people. fun assignments. yay. fun fun fun.
3rd. journalism. thats going to be fun too. cool topic and all. TOO MANY FLIPPIN FRESHMAN IN THERE. omg. ahhhhhh.
4th. AP spanish. should be alright. there are so many flippin people in there though. last year when it was spanish 3 and ap combined there were like 15-20 people in there. this year with both combined. there is over 30. ahhhh. 25 spanish 3 ppl. ahhhh.
5th. dual enrollment math. mr kroft is one crazy guy. kewlio people in there as well. should be a pretty fun class. probably going to be hard too though.
6th. government honors. dude the guy is psycho. he has some serious issues. he is boring beyond belief too. we are all going to fall asleep when he starts to lecture. ahhhh...
whelp i have soccer tonight at 530, first practice of the season. what fun! haha. see some stupid people again. goodness. i didn't get to see mat at all during the day today until i was walking out to my car. but he has to go to golf right after school. ahhh. man this sucks. this means i will barely ever get to see him except on the weekends if i am lucky. ugh. and stupid freshman i wanna shoot them all. they stand in the halls and just look at you if you shove them out of the way. like youre stupid. then they just stand in the middle of the hallways talking and looking at the school map. STUPID IDIOTS. ahhhhhh. let me tell ya. ugh. one more year one more year. thats all i gotta say. haha. anyways. i have homework. so im going to do that now.

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