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GREAT MOOD!!!!! [24 Jun 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

well today was yet another GREAT day in the life of me. i am so happy lately. i think it all has to do with one guy...yay!!! im so excited because i like him quite a bit. well today at work started out with me giving matt his "book of alf" and he just laughed at me and got a big grin on his face. which made me laugh. lol. well then we started out with jump rope again and then art. we had to make pictures in art today with little pieces of construction paper. so i made a pic of a creative flower for matt. then he had to go to art and i went to music. he had made me a beach scene and josh b made me a flower. lol. it was funny. it was great. then we went outside for a water slide and other things. we started playing volleyball and then kj and i got in the sprinklers. it was fun. then played some great soccer. matt was my goalie. he needs to stick to baseball. lol. it was funny though. we had a lot of fun. then we ate some watermelon. then got changed and then had to watch a magic show. it was fun as well. :) then the day was over. when i walked outside. apparently matt and kj had been talking. so she walked over to me and was like "well, you dont have a boyfriend, he doesnt have a girlfriend, you like him, and he likes you, so why dont you go out?" it was so cute. then she went and told him the same thing. haha. greatness. so our director had ordered pizza for us. matt started making fun of me about it. :) i wanted him to go to the loop with emily and i after work but he had baseball games in st augustine tonight. so he couldnt. bummer. he said he wanted to but didnt have the time. that sucked. so we might hang out this weekend. maybe go to the beach on saturday. i dunno. so me and emily went to the loop and got really good salads and just talked for about 45 minutes. it was crazy. just catching up on everything. so then i came home and just got in front of this thing as always. wow we have had good dinners lately. tuesday we had stuffed shrimp and pasta with white clam sauce, last night we had stuffed pork chops, and tonight we had grilled salmon. its only because my moms boyfriend is back in town though and he eats here everynight. they are all at the movies right now. im sitting here watching tv. might go to sleep shortly. gotta wake up early and go run again. at like 730. drag the bro out with me. chase him if i have to. haha. anyways. i really like matt. what else is going on. i have to work this weekend. other than that. i dunno. going to go now
im out

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