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The One And Only... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[01 Jun 2004|08:39pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

whelp today was an extremely boring day. i woke up and kept on cleaning my room. i found another spider last night. just as big as the other one. ahhhh. but hopefully that is all because i cleaned every freaking corner in there. geez. anyways. so i woke up and cleaned. then thomas called me and wanted to know if i could go to see "the day after tomorrow" with him which i really want to see. but i had my orthopaedic appointmet at 2 and the movie was at 130 so that didnt happen. bummer. but then he found out that he had to work at 3 anyways so ya know. it didnt work out all around. so we might hang out tomorrow. except the fact that i have to go to that orientation thing for that youth counselor job. so that is from 10-12 at fleming island elementary. then i have my senior pics in mandarin at 2. craziness. hopefully he doesnt have to work tomorrow night so we can hang out. hopefully. but other than that not much has been going on. when i went to the otho, i sat in the office for like 45 minutes before going in. once i got in he pressed on my knee and bent it, a whole about 2 minutes or so, he was done. crazy. so i left there got gas at bjs then went wal mart and got some kewlio stuff for my scrapbook and then to publix and got some ice cream. i dont know what was with guys today, but they all kept trying to race me at stop lights. geez. of course i beat them which is sad. geez. hahahaha. just kidding. i dont care about that crap. so how is everyone else? im so bored. but im out. gonna go lay in my room and think. i guess...

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