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AHHHHH...BOREDOM.... [08 Apr 2004|04:52pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

whelp...today wasnt the greatest. woke up early because jessica b and i were going to go to the beach today with candice. at about 845 or so she shows up here and then we are on our way to pick up candice when we find out that "austin" is coming and some of her cousins. ugh. we thought it was just going to be the three of us. not. well on our way down there. we stop at publix and get yummy food. then we go to the beach. when we get out there, i see seamus and amanda. they come over and talk to me. then we sit out there for a little bit. there is no sun and its really cloudy. then it starts raining and lightning and all. so we sit in our cars for a little bit then we decide to leave. we leave and head home. we decide that we are going to get a movie and go back to my house, eat, and watch the movie. so we go to the movie store and get "my bosses daughter" (its funny) and they tell her that she has to work tonight at 6. then we go to publix and get some soup. yummy. we go back to my house and while making our soup she starts talking to people on my screen name. the crazy person. so we eat and then she leaves to get ready for work and take a nap. lol. so i watch the movie. it was really funny. lol. anyways. my mom got home and i am extremely bored. talking to sara trying to figure out something to do. BOREDOM REALLY SUCKS. UGH... i hate being bored. this is one of the most boring spring breaks ever. ahhhh...i figured it would be better because i can drive and all. not. i mean my board breaks and i cant find the fin that i need. the waves suck everytime i do get to go to the beach. there is nothing else to do. THIS SUCKS. well im going now.

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