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soccer!! [03 Apr 2004|03:34pm]
[ mood | sore ]

well today i woke up at about 745 or so. ate breakfast. took a shower and got ready. i left to go to my coach's house. (he was driving me to the game today). well anyways we get to the fields. my coach is one crazy driver. i thought we were going to die. ugh. anyways. we only had 5 players for a while. but the other team wasnt there yet so its all good. finally the other team gets there but we only have 10 players. this is great. then about 15 or 20 minutes into the game, i was going after this guy and one of the guys on my team jumped in front of me and stopped. well my head went into the back of his...here we go again. i blacked out for a couple of seconds or so. a couple of minutes later i had to go off the field because i couldnt see straight. then i ended up going back in a little while later. well half time came and amazingly we were up 1 to nothing. wow! they had about 14 subs and we had none and playing down a player. (sometimes two). second half comes. boring half. it was a brutal game though. i am really sore and my knee is swollen and my head still hurts. (im pretty sure that i got another concussion)ugh. well we won 2-0. crazy. we actually played really good. well know im home and eating. i am going to take a shower then go to church and get some palms. (palm sunday is tomorrow)

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