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spring break...yay! [02 Apr 2004|02:59pm]
[ mood | blank ]

spring break is here. yay! not like i am going to do anything but the usual anyways. as always. one day it is going to get old. ugh. whatever. i definately plan on going to the beach once jason gives my wetsuit back to me...ugh. craziness. i dont care anymore but i do need it before i go to the beach to go surfing...i need a life. lol. i am so bored. i need something to do. my mom is making me clean so i have to go and do that. then i am going to wash my car and possibly get some sun this time. (darn a hot flagler guy is not washing it this weekend...bummer.) haha. but i am going now so that i can clean for mi madre. whatever.

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