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i hate allergies [24 Mar 2004|08:24pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

today was a bunch of crap...i took a bunch of allergy medicine last night so today i was out of it. ahhh. ugh. i wanted to get to school early so i could go to guidance to get my schedule figured out for next year. that didnt happen. i took a test in first period i dunno how i did. then we were watching toy story 2 again. second we took notes and found out that i did bad on a test. haha. ugh. third we did nothing yet again. in lunch i did my homework for fourth that i forgot about. speaking of which i need to do tonights. fourth i walked in and was trying to figure out if there were going to be these types of problems were going to be on my quiz. then mrs evans was like yeah probably... on the quiz tomorrow. haha. i was so clueless. i thought it was today and well whoops. lol. fifth i had another test. i think i did pretty good. sixth i played tennis. the usual. after school, i had practice. we didnt do a whole lot there because coach wasnt there. go figure. anyways. i left early and took sarah home. then got home and got on here. took a shower and then went to my soccer banquet. i dont know why i went. i got sick off of the food as usual. then it was just the usual and sucked big time because it just was. i hate them. ugh. i didnt want to be there but for some reason i thought it was going to be different. boy was i wrong again. geez. i dunno. i am probably going to be the only senior on our team next year. all i want is to be captain but the people that least deserve it get it. the ones that never show up to practice, the ones that are not dedicated, the ones that dont care about the team or soccer. all they care about is themselves and their social standings. i hate it horribly bad. but whatever. i dont really care anymore. the only thing that i am relying on for college at this school is soccer and it sucks. ahhh. but im tired and cant see straight anymore. so i am going to take some more medicine and hit my pillows. haha.

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