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boring three day weekend... [15 Mar 2004|09:58pm]
[ mood | tired ]

this weekend sucked.
saturday was probably the main day. haha oh geez. yesterday i woke up and went to church. then i went to work from 11-5. when i clocked out i just sat up there for a while talking because i knew i would just be going home doing nothing as i always do. then i went and bought a bday present for my friend. came home and did absolutely nothing. sat in front of the computer. nobody was on either. went and cleaned my room. amazing...haha.
today...my mom woke me up thinking i had school. crazy. then i got up to see if zach was on to go to the beach but no he was still asleep. so i went back to sleep. then he called me and woke me up and was like lets go to the beach. crazy man. so we went to the beach. the waves sucked. horribly. crazy. there were so many people at the beach too. a lot of them. came back and took a shower. then went to my friends house for her bday. then went to work. now im sitting here talking to zachary. but now im going to sleep. good night.

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