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boredom taking over again [06 Mar 2004|09:45am]
[ mood | bored ]

hello again. well it ended up being that i didn't have to put my cat to sleep this morning. thankfully. we are going to wait some more. anyways...i am so totally bored. i was going to go to my brother's soccer game this morning because i can't go to mine. as i said before which really sucks because i really wanted to play. then my mom and bro are going to daytona today and i will be stuck here again until i have to work at 6 tonight which i am not looking forward to but i need the money for my laptop. yay! right now i am watching monsters inc. nobody is online, they are probably all sleeping. i wish i could be doing that. haha. but i can't. i still haven't really been able to eat anything. i dunno what is up with me lately. i am in a better mood since last night for the most part. i stopped crying. i wish i could think of something to do right now because i am extremely bored. ugh. if anyone who is bored enough to read this has any ideas...i am open to them. haha. i might go outside and draw or read or something, it is a pretty nice day out. but kinda hot. anyways i am going now. byebye

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